What Is PR?

If you are serious about the growth and reach for your band and want your EP or album reviewed by any of the major printed magazines, your video covered by a prominent website or your single aired on the radio, then you need a reputable PR company. To avoid any confusion, a publicist will not book your tour, set up the release on Spotify, or manage your band, BUT a strong publicist will get you seen and heard by the main influential media sources within the industry, who can propel the band’s visibility and profile. A PR company will have a vast contact field and will know who to target in order to create the necessary buzz for your band.

A powerful PR campaign will create exposure, and in turn, it will help you to sell your music, attract new fans and place your band onto bigger tours. To do all of these things, you first need people to become aware of your music. You can’t gain fans and recognition until someone puts you in front of the right eyes and ears. This is why a good PR company is essential. Hiring an effective publicist will ensure that your music is placed in the best hands. In an industry bombarded by new music, you need to stand out from the pack, and a professional PR team can make this a reality for you.

At SaN, we have a wealth of experience and established strategies to ensure that our bands are seen and heard by major industry tastemakers.

Alex Baker from Kerrang Radio & Kerrang! TV has this to say about our work:

“There are pluggers and there are pluggers. What I’ve always valued about SaN is that you know when you receive something from them that it’s going to be of a certain quality – it is that stamp of quality that means it demands your attention and THAT is what gives them cut-through”.

Metal Hammer’s editor Merlin Hammer has commented:

“SaN PR have always been a pleasure to work with. Garry is one of the most legitimate and professional dudes I’ve had the honour of meeting in this industry”. And, Ian Fortnam, the review editor at Classic Rock Magazine, states that: “Garry Hutchinson’s SaN exemplify everything a good PR should be: persistent, precise, passionate, patient, rapid to respond, cool, approachable and excellent company on a good old-fashioned pub-pitching schmooze”.

Undertaking a dedicated PR campaign and hiring a reputable publicist is a must for any band wishing to break into the music industry. Get in touch and take advantage of our offer for a free phone consultation, and we’ll discuss which strategy would work best for your band.