“There are pluggers and there are pluggers. What I’ve always valued about SaN is that you know when you receive something from them that it’s going to be of a certain quality – it is that stamp of quality that means it demands your attention and THAT is what gives them cut-through.”
-Alex Baker – Kerrang! Radio / Kerrang! TV | DJ / Presenter.
“SaN PR have always been a pleasure to work with. Garry is one of the most legitimate and professional dudes I’ve had the honour of meeting in this industry.”
-Merlin Alderslade - Metal Hammer | Editor
“I’ve enjoyed an excellent working relationship with SaN PR throughout my career at Kerrang!. Garry’s always done a brilliant job at bringing some really cool bands to my attention, and he’s always been super-efficient, helpful and a pleasure to work with.”
-George Garner - Music Week / Kerrang! Magazine
“Garry Hutchinson’s SaN exemplify everything a good PR should be: persistent, precise, passionate, patient, rapid to respond, cool, approachable and excellent company on a good old-fashioned pub-pitching schmooze.”
-Ian Fortnam - Classic Rock | Reviews Editor
“I’ve worked with SaN PR for a number of years, and they’ve always been passionate advocates on behalf of their bands. New, self-released acts have a huge amount of competition for a small amount of space in the magazine, but Garry’s representation, and his organised approach to PR makes sure his bands stay on my radar.”
-Jonathan Selzer - Metal Hammer | Reviews Editor
“SaN PR has worked with Big Cheese and Vive Le Rock magazines for many years now and Garry has always done a great job for his bands and has been very helpful with our publications. Garry runs a tight ship and we look forward to working together in the coming years.”
-Eugene Butcher - Vive Le Rock Magazine | Publisher / Editor Chief
“I have being doing business with SaN PR for several years and enjoy a good working relationship with the company. Garry works hard on behalf of the bands that he promotes, securing copy for them at Powerplay which they almost certainly wouldn’t have benefitted from without his backing. Garry knows the scene that he works within intimately and has an ear for good music. I’m confident even before listening to the releases he sends me that any act Garry promotes will be suitable for coverage in Powerplay and will be worthy of my listening time. His endorsement of a product assures me that it’s a quality release and I look forward to many more years of working closely with SaN.”
-Mark Hoaksey – Powerplay Magazine | Publisher/Editor
“For many years now, SaN PR has been a voice we’ve listened to at Zero Tolerance Magazine. Their tireless and professional approach to getting the bands they represent on our radar is really admirable; there are a lot of other PR people out there who could take a leaf out of their book! Their bands should feel reassured in the knowledge that they’re in the hands of people who work extremely hard to gain exposure for them, regardless of how well-known they might be.”
-Lisa Macey - Zero Tolerance Magazine | Publisher / co-founder / editor-in-chief.
“SaN PR have been sending me product for several years. I have been impressed by their attention to detail and creativity in their promo material and by the fact that they send out advance PR well in advance of the release dates. This ensures that even the laziest and overloaded media types like myself will be bound to read and listen before the actual release approaches! I have nothing but praise for SaN PR’s professional and efficient service.”
-Tony Wilson - TotalRock Radio | Director of Programmes & Music